Meet Our Veteran, Charlie Lewis: Baths for the Brave Community Giveback


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Meet Our Veteran, Charlie Lewis: Baths for the Brave Community Giveback

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Texas is home to the second largest Veteran population in the United States. Many of those Veterans are living with disability and face everyday challenges including bathing. In honor of Veterans Day, Bath Expo is teaming up with 9 home improvement companies across the country for the 4th annual Baths for the Brave event. That being said, we’d like to introduce you to someone special! Meet Charlie.

Charlie Lewis is a Texas native who recently moved back to his hometown of Nocona, Texas this past summer. Charlie is a son, father, friend, and recently retired US Air Force Veteran. Charlie served in the Air Force from September 1999 – February 2020 and was stationed in several places including South Korea, California, Alaska, Qatar and more. During his 20 years, he was deployed 13 times.

During Charlie’s 17th year of service, he contracted a serious infection that caused his entire body to shut down. As the infection spread, it had long lasting effects. Charlie suffered from 8 strokes, lost his left leg and only has 50% functionality in his right leg due to the infection. Although Charlie has gone through many trials, he maintains a positive attitude and hopeful outlook on life.

When asked what being a part of Baths for the Brave meant, Charlie said, “I love the thought behind it and what the operation stands for. Anytime you can take any type of pain or discomfort from someone’s everyday life, it’s something you take away for the rest of their life. It’s truly life changing.”

Baths for the Brave was created by Tundraland Home Improvements, a Wisconsin-based home remodeling company, as a way to provide local veterans and families in need with remodeled bathrooms, all free of charge. Brian Gottlieb, creator of Baths for the Brave and owner of Tundraland, says, “Giving back is a fundamental way of life for us at Tundraland. It’s more than what we do; it’s who we are.”

All participating home improvement companies, including Tundraland, will donate 100 percent of their time and materials to a veteran in need from their own local community. The remodels across the country will all take place simultaneously. Additional participating companies also include:

  • Alenco Home Improvement
  • Lori K Bath
  • MaxHome
  • MidWest Bath
  • NEWPRO Home Improvement
  • Reborn Bath Solutions
  • Tundraland Home Improvements

For more information on Baths for the Brave, including more information about the Murphy family; additional veteran stories from across the country, why each company wanted to get involved, and how you can follow this special event, please visit

Make your bathroom safe with these special features

Make your bathroom safe with these special features

Whether you’re concerned about an elderly parent or had one too many close calls, safety in your bathroom should always be a top priority. Bathrooms are often one of the most dangerous spaces in our homes due to slips and falls. A recent analysis by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 37.3% of injuries occurred while bathing, showering, or getting out of the tub or shower. Another 17.3% involved slipping, including slipping while bathing. When renovating your bathroom or replacing your shower or tub, safety should always be top of mind.

Take a moment to look around your bathroom and think about how you use it. You may see many opportunities to improve safety, whether that’s increasing mobility or providing helpful assistance along the way. Here are three improvements Bath Expo offers that can make it safer for everyone.

Easier shower access

Replacing your current bathtub or shower with a roll-in or walk-in shower is a great option for anyone who needs to increase accessibility. Walk-in showers are designed with shallow curbs and have a very low barrier to step over with ease at the entryway. On the other hand, roll-in showers are perfect for those who need wheelchair entry. The shower floor is essentially flush with your existing floor, so you can get right in. They’re also designed with a specially-engineered sloping shower floor so water drains and flows only where it should go. In addition to safety and accessibility benefits, these types of showers don’t require curtains or doors. Many of our customers appreciate them for their spaciousness and open look.

Safety add-ons

After considering options for your shower or tub, there are tons of add-on features that can make any bathroom safer. Non-slip flooring or treads will help feet grip the tub or floor and lower the risk of falling. Safety bars, grips, and rails can also be added in just the right place to provide support. These are essential to anyone who needs to maneuver around their bathroom safely. When grabbed, they bear your full weight, preventing falls while providing assistance with balance. Both are essential to any bathroom for senior members of your family or the elderly.

In addition, special seating in your tub or shower can not only make it more comfortable but also provide a secure place for anyone to get clean, especially the seniors who need assistance. Many seats are foldable and neatly tuck away when not in use. Also, adding a hand-held showerhead enables more flexibility for getting clean since you can point the shower spray exactly where it needs to go.

Cleanliness and sanitation

New materials and technologies are helping everyone keep their bathroom cleaner, especially at a time when we need it most. From the ground up, all of our solid surface acrylic products are created to be sanitary, thanks to Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection. Our showers, bathtubs, and bathroom surfaces use this technology that weaves silver ions throughout which naturally prevents the growth of mold and mildew. And, for the elderly or even those among us who simply just hate cleaning: they’re a cinch to clean. You simply clean with a soft cloth and approved cleaner – no abrasive products or scrubbing pads needed.

Make your bathroom safe today

Whether planning for aging in your home, taking care of an elderly parent, or simply because you’re smart and safety-minded: Bath Expo can make your bathroom safer and more beautiful. Schedule an in-home consultation today and you’ll be one step closer to a safe bathroom with a same-day or future appointment.

Three Bathroom Questions Everyone Asks at the Texas State Fair

Three Bathroom Questions Everyone Asks at the Texas State Fair

Can Any Tub be used in a Tub to Shower Conversion? - Bath Expo TexasEach year, the Bath Expo team eagerly looks forward to the hustle and bustle of the Texas State Fair. It’s not just the corn dogs and Big Tex that we’ll miss this year, but also saying “howdy” to the thousands of people who stop by our exhibit at the fair. We always look forward to chatting with fair attendees about their homes and helping them find ways to make their bathrooms better.

Not only do we get to chat with thousands of Texas homeowners, but we relish allowing people to see, touch, and feel our sample shower and bathtub installations. Each year, we feature our most popular products so that fair attendees can dream up the possibilities.

It’s also usually the perfect time to answer all of the burning questions you may have about replacing your old bathtub or shower. Since we can’t all be together this year, we thought we’d take some time out to answer the questions we get most often when we exhibit at the fair:

“What is this made of?”

We get a ton of questions about our solid surface acrylic offerings because it is available in a wide array of colors, textures, and finishes. Visitors to our Texas State Fair exhibit can’t believe that acrylic can perfectly mimic the appearance of other materials like granite or stone but with so many more benefits. These surfaces are 100% non-porous, easy to clean, and will never stain, chip, mildew, or crack.

“Wait, is there really no grout?”

Subway tile is all the rage in bathrooms, but it requires grout, which can be a pain to maintain. Solid-surface acrylic can simulate the appearance of tile without the annoying upkeep of grout. You’ll never spend another minute scrubbing and scraping grout. Even better, our subway tile products are made from 100% virgin acrylic infused with Silver Shield™ Technology, which makes them inherently anti-microbial.   

“How fast can you replace my bathroom?”

We carry tons of products in stock, so if time is of the essence, we can help you get a new bathtub or shower installed incredibly fast. Whether safety and accessibility are your top priority or you’re simply eager to get a new bathroom, we can get it done. When you choose our most popular in-stock products, we can typically get your installation date scheduled within a week and completed within a single day. During your initial consultation, we’ll make certain to point out products that are in stock and ready to go.

Same-day appointments available today!

Missing the opportunity to touch, feel, and see all the design possibilities that we would have shown at the Texas State Fair? Don’t fret: our Carrollton showroom is open! You can stop by from 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday, or reach out and schedule an in-home consultation today. We’ll bring the showroom to you! We have same-day or future appointments available. Call us at 1-877-807-9608 and we’ll get you right in.

Can any tub be converted into a shower and vice-versa?

Can any tub be used in a tub to shower conversion? What about transforming a shower into a bathtub?

Can Any Tub be used in a Tub to Shower Conversion? - Bath Expo TexasGrowing up, our parents always said “anything is possible.” But as you grow older you start to realize that perhaps maybe not just anything is feasible when it comes to home improvement. One common bathroom improvement we’re often asked about is our tub to shower conversion work, and the other way around, shower to tub. The good news is that in this case: almost anything is possible!

However, there are a few parameters to think about if you’re considering converting these spaces in your dream bathroom.

Plumbing Possibilities

The best part of a shower to tub or a tub to shower conversion is that our master plumbers typically do not have to move plumbing. This can be one of the biggest headaches of any bathroom remodel, and Bath Expo’s approach to conversions can be a big relief. Because you aren’t moving water supply or drain lines, we can make simple modifications to save you big money on plumbing costs.

You can rest assured that any simple issues will be completed by some of the most experienced and qualified professionals around because we only perform this work with master plumbers. The best part is it often can happen in as little as one day.

Functionality & Space

A tub to shower conversion can generally be done within the footprint of your existing bathtub. If you remove the tub, you are left with plentiful footprint to build a luxurious shower . If you have a free-standing tub or a window, don’t rule out a tub to shower conversion. We can usually plan around these kinds of challenges.

On the other hand, converting a shower to a tub may be a bit more complex, depending upon the current dimensions of your shower. Because most building codes specify that the floor of a shower stall should at least be 30 inches square, you may end up short on space for the new tub.

Either way, don’t worry too much, our design consultants can help plan a conversion to meet your specific desires while maximizing the available space in your bathroom. Also, if you ever change your mind about the conversion, the great news is that it is incredibly easy to reverse.

Features & Fixtures

No matter the bathtub or shower, Bath Expo can personalize your new space with matching fixtures and tons of features so that it’s perfect.

If you’re considering a tub to shower conversion, one thing to think about is your shower door. If you have a smaller bathroom, a sliding glass door can maximize space. If you’d prefer a hinged door, we’ll plan and allocate space for the door to open and close.

Both of these kinds of conversions come with different benefits for cleaning and safety. With tons of options for seating, grab bars, shelving and more, Bath Expo can help you choose the right accessories to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

Curious to see if you your tub can be used in a tub to shower conversion… or vice versa?

Let our experts do the hard work. Beginning with accurate measurements and a solid design plan, we guide you through the process. Don’t forget: most simple tub-to-shower conversions take as little as a day to complete. Get started today with a free quote.

Transforming Your Bathroom: A Step-By-Step Guide

Transforming Your Bathroom: A Step-By-Step Guide

Bathroom Makeover - a Step-by-Step Bathroom Transformation Guide from Bath Expo Texas

We know the feeling. You’ve spent enough time “sprucing up” the bathroom and you’re officially ready for a true bathroom makeover. Here’s what to expect when working with Bath Expo on your new dream bathroom.

Get a free bathroom makeover quote.

Now that you’re ready to make a change, the first step is a free quote created specifically for your needs. We can either visit your home or schedule a virtual consultation to review the bathroom’s biggest pain points. This consultation lasts about 60-90 minutes and our design expert will listen to your goals and recommend design options based upon your style and budget. They will also take accurate measurements of your space to ensure an accurate quote.

During the consultation, we can show you a variety of solid surface products including showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs as well as faucets and fixtures. You may be considering a bathtub conversion that transforms an old, worn-out tub into a sparkling, new walk-in shower. If there are specific safety needs to address, we’ll work with you to find a cost-efficient and hassle-free solution.

Our experts will evaluate everything involved in your project and will provide you with an exact quote that won’t come with any pricing surprises.

Watch the transformation.

Did you know your dream shower or bath could take as little as one day to complete? Before beginning any demolition or tearing out the old stuff, we’ll go over the bathroom makeover timeline and prepare your family for the big change. Depending on the scope of your remodel and products needed, everything could be complete in a day or just a few short weeks.

Bath Expo’s team includes certified master plumbers who take pride in their work and also undergo rigorous training. No matter the challenge, our team is fully equipped to handle it, leaving you with a safe and beautiful bathroom. They’ll properly deal with plumbing, install a vapor barrier, cement backerboard and waterproof membrane to protect your home. Our crew will carefully install the wall surround of your choosing, if needed.

Finally, we’ll haul off old material and will walk you through all the features of your new shower or bath

Relax and enjoy your new shower or bath!

Because our solutions are low-maintenance and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, your beautiful new shower or bath will last for years to come. Because solid surfaces are specially engineered for cleanliness, caring for your bathroom is a breeze. Never again will you need an abrasive product or scratchy scrubbing pad. Simply use a soft cloth and a cleaner as simple as vinegar and water to loosen any mineral deposits or soap scum. Because solid surface solutions are inherently antimicrobial, germs and bacteria will be the last thing on your mind!

Our mission is to make every client a customer for life. We know that you’ll love your new bathroom for the entire lifetime of your home. Just like Nancy, whose shower we replaced in 2017:

“Fabulous! I am very happy. The process was fairly painless, and it turned out even better than expected. We think the color should be called Cafe Au Lait, so beautiful. Those installers were very sweet and helpful – Mikey and Marvin were just wonderful. They stayed until 10:30 to finish. They are such hard workers, and I truly appreciate all their efforts. I usually worry about having people in my house and they made me feel very comfortable.”

Remember, you don’t have to wait for your dream bathroom! We’re here to help. Reach out for a free, no-commitment bathroom makeover quote or to discuss financing options today.

Skeptical of solid surface acrylic bathrooms? Get the facts from Bath Expo.

Skeptical of a solid surface acrylic bathroom? Get the facts.

Bathroom Remodeling Company

As one of the germiest rooms in your house, the bathroom is the space where quality materials matter the most. Not only should your shower or tub provide comfort but its construction should stand the test of time while keeping your family safe. Compared to stone, tile, granite and many other materials, a solid surface acrylic bathroom offers an inherently sanitary and bacteria-resistant option for bathroom remodels with minimal upkeep.

Even the most skeptical homeowners can’t argue with these surprising facts about solid surface acrylic bathroom products like showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs:

Bacteria Proof

As a non-porous, hygienic material, solid surface acrylic creates an environment that is unfriendly to bacteria. All of our bathroom products are made from 100% virgin acrylic infused with Silver Shield™ Technology. It’s an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art technology used in hospitals and medical facilities. How does it work? Silver ions attack microbe cells by continually emitting charges that can penetrate microorganisms, preventing bacteria from growing and reproducing. With seamless installation, harmful bacteria can’t hide in gaps or crevices. You won’t have to worry about mold or mildew either since all installations are handled by our master plumbers, with a keen eye for fine craftsmanship and sanitation.

Stain Resistant

Ranging in countless textures, styles and colors, acrylic bathroom material is luxurious and beautiful in any home. It is completely customizable, so you can choose the base color, wall surround and accessories you want to create the bathroom of your dreams. Because it is naturally impermeable, stains simply can’t penetrate the surface. Acrylic is also extremely durable, resisting chipping, cracking and denting. While materials like granite need to be sealed and maintained to resist staining, with acrylic, your maintenance is simply properly cleaning surfaces.

Easy To Clean

Our solid surface products mimic the appearance of granite, marble or stone without complex cleaning routines. Disinfecting is a breeze and won’t break your back. It’s perfect for busy families and anyone with mobility concerns because you’ll never have to use an abrasive cleanser that requires scrubbing. We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge and an approved cleaner. Your bathroom remodel is protected with our limited lifetime warranty as long as you own your home. You’ll have peace of mind and a germ-free home.

Is an acrylic bathroom the best choice for you?

We’ve remodeled thousands of bathrooms throughout Texas and firmly believe that acrylic showers, bathtubs and walk-in tubs are an excellent choice for homeowners. It’s why we offer top of the line products from Jacuzzi® and BathWraps and guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. Read our bathroom makeover reviews and you’ll discover the difference.

How To Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Company

How to Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Company in Texas: A Step By Step Guide

How to Choose a Bathroom Remodeling Company in Texas - Bath Expo TexasIt’s been on your mind for a while now—how much you’d love to transform an outdated or just plain ugly bathroom in your Texas home into a beautiful and functional space. Perhaps you’ve been putting off your bathroom remodel because you don’t want to deal with the hassle. Or, maybe you just feel overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a bathroom contractor that you can trust with such a significant investment in your home. This is understandable. After all, there is no shortage of companies that would love to have your business, but there are far fewer that deserve it. If you’re struggling to choose a bathroom remodeling company, our step by step guide will help.

Step 1: Research Your Options

With so many bathroom remodeling companies serving your area, you’ll need to start by narrowing down your options. First, make sure any company you put on your shortlist provides all of the services that you need. Then, begin researching the credentials of those companies. Consider factors such as their rating with the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews, experience, and any awards that they have received. You don’t only need to rely on internet searches during this step. Ask people you trust for recommendations.

Step 2: Interview Candidates

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of bathroom remodelers, you can start reaching out to them. Pay attention to the details. When you call, are you greeted by a friendly, professional representative who answers your questions or a frustrating automated phone maze? Have a list of questions ready to ask. Some essentials include: Are you bonded and insured? How are your installers trained? Can you show me examples of your work? Do you have references available?

Step 2: Choose Your Bathroom Remodeling Company

After you’ve further narrowed down your list of choices, you can arrange consultations with the remaining candidates. Be sure to ask if there is a fee involved with this step. The best bathroom contractors will provide a free, no-obligation consultation. The consultant should be an expert who is there to help you make the best choice for your home and budget. So, if they try to pressure you into making a quick decision, consider it a red flag.

If you find a bathroom remodeling company that you think would be a good fit, you’re not done yet. Be sure to get the quoted price and payment schedule in writing, as well as the scope of the work, any warranty information, and any other details you may have discussed before signing a contract.

Consider Bath Expo for Your Remodeling Project

When researching bathroom remodeling companies, we hope you’ll consider Bath Expo. We are bathroom experts who truly care about our customers and are known for delivering personalized service and a great value. When you contact us, you’ll see right away why we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and countless homeowners have trusted us with their remodeling projects.

We understand that it can be difficult to choose a bathroom remodeling company to take on a project at your home in Texas, and we’re committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible. Contact Bath Expo today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling solutions.

WEBE Hopeful!

This blog post was originally posted on our sister site. To see the original post, click to

There’s a fun little tidbit about being Window Expo & Bath Expo.  And that is:

Window Expo = WE

Bath Expo = BE

We call ourselves “WEBE” all of the time. Which makes for some fun internal conversations!  On our internal Facebook Team page, it’s fun to see the unique usage for “WE-BE” in hashtags left by team members in their posts.  Recently I have seen:

#WEBEUnited   #WEBEStrong   #WEBEFamily   #WEBEAwesome  #WEBEaBlessing…and so on.  So fun!  It really has become part of our culture.


Our recent blog posts have all been focused around surrounding you, our community, with messages of hope.  We are carrying messages of hope through all of our messaging here at Window Expo & Bath Expo in hopes that we can send more encouraging content into our community as we navigate this time of uncertainty.


#WEBEhopeful is the message we are leading with.  And we are asking you to join us in our endeavors!  We want to know: What has brought you hope?  How are you experiencing hope?  Who has brought you hope?  Do you have a message of hope to share?


We want to know!  Please send us your message or post it to your Facebook or Instagram and tag us at @windowexpoandbathexpo with the hashtag #WEBEhopeful.


Spread the word of hope today. Let’s encourage and support one another with #WEBEhopeful. 

Facebook screenshot with chalk rainbow drawings - WEBE Hopeful! Messages of HOPE from Bath Expo and Window Expo TX


Bath Expo Team and 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”


A Message Full Of HOPE

The original version of this blog was posted to our sister site on March 30. To view the original post, click to

What an amazing response to our prior blog post, “A Sign of Hope!”  Keep sending us your rainbow pictures or post to Social Media.


Bath Expo is a company of faith, and for over 12 years, we have had a mission to serve our fellow Texans well, by improving the lives we touch. We may provide quality bath and shower replacement solutions for your home, but YOU, the person, the family, always come first.  And it has been and is our pleasure to serve you.


Because of that foundation in our company of faith, I wanted to simply give you a word of hope, found within the story of Noah. 


Noah’s Ark may seem like a children’s story of old, but it is a story ever so relevant today.  As we find ourselves more at home, our homes may start to feel a little like the ark Noah and his family were in for 40 days!  Although I am personally glad I only have one spoiled cat to care for, instead of hundreds! Ha!  Oh my, could you imagine?!


In Genesis Chapter 8 verse 1, it says, “And God Remembered Noah.” 


Yes, Noah was not forgotten. He was placed in that ark, the refuge God provided, to keep him and his family safe.  God didn’t just shut the door and say good luck! He had Noah, and his family, secure in His hands the entire time.


You may be feeling stuck in the Ark like Noah, but remember, God is there.  He loves you and is keeping you safe.  He will not leave you and will provide a way for us all, once it is safe.


Even when a little window in the ark is the only view we may have, God sees the bigger picture.  (Genesis 8: 6-22)  A rainbow promise is waiting for us on the other side!  Stay Strong Fellow Texans and keep hope.  Soon, we will be on dry land.


If we can serve you further, please call or visit us anytime.


Your Bath Expo Team and 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”



P.S. – Here are some more rainbows we have received! Keep drawing rainbows as a sign of hope, and send us a photo!

A Message Full of HOPE from Bath Expo, a Company of Faith


A Sign Of Hope

The original version of this blog was posted on our sister company website on March 24. Click to to view the original.

Although this may not be a typical post from our company, we found the more we shared this amazing story with others, the more it brought hope! And we could all use some hope right now. Pause and enjoy. #WEBEhopeful


Coronavirus.  COVID-19.  Terms that were not in our everyday language just a few short weeks ago.  Now our world, country and even the great state of Texas know them well.  They are terms that have stopped us in our tracks, having all of us wondering when we will take steps forward again?

Here at Bath Expo, we too have felt the impact and uncertainty of what is to come.  But last Wednesday night, a sign of hope was delivered to our company, and it all started with a text message from a previous customer of our sister company, and a painted window.

I was sitting on my couch that Wednesday night when a text message came through with this photo:

Girl painting rainbow on window with message "God has us! God has your company too! I love this window!" - A Sign of Hope from Bath Expo Texas and Window Expo Texas


In the midst of a difficult and uncertain week for us all, our wonderful customer sent us this sign of hope.  I cannot tell you how this encouraged our company and team.  After letting her know this, she simply texted back:


Go paint a rainbow.


So we did!  Our team returned to our offices and homes the next day, took our Expo Markers, and started drawing rainbows as a sign of hope:

A Sign of Hope from Bath Expo Texas and Window Expo Texas

At the close of the business day, storms started building here in Dallas.  I sat in my office watching the winds plow through the trees, the sky growing dark and the rain coming down in sheets.  I looked to my rainbow on my office window, and pushed through wrapping up my day.


At 7:20pm, I left my office and as I turned from the parking lot onto the street, sunlight hit my face, and as I turned, I saw this:

Sign of Hope from Bath Expo Texas and Window Expo Texas



Now that’s a sign of HOPE. I just sat in awe of God’s goodness and gifts of hope to us in times of uncertainty.  It is our hope at Bath Expo that you cling to hope right now.  As a company, we’ll be focusing on bringing messages of hope and being hope in our community for the next 40 days.  It is our prayer this brings you encouragement and hope.

We encourage YOU to draw a rainbow at home!  Draw, take a pic, tag us:

@windowexpoandbathexpo with the hashtag #WEBEhopeful.


Your Bath Expo Team and 

“Creating Customers For Life, By Improving The Lives We Touch”