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Planning a Shower Remodel? These Experts Who Serve San Antonio, TX, Can Help

Shower Remodel San Antonio TXGo ahead—admit it. Your shower hasn’t looked good for years. But, considering all the smaller home improvements on your to-do list, you’ve probably put a shower remodel on the back burner. If you’re concerned about the cost—and which San Antonio homeowner wouldn’t be?—you should know there are several affordable shower-space renovations that can not only transform your bathroom, but also enhance the pleasure of your daily shower.

Wouldn’t it be great, for instance, to have built-in storage areas for your shampoos, conditioners, and body washes instead of the window sill? Or wouldn’t you prefer looking at interestingly tiled shower surround instead of your dull wall tiles? Bath Expo can provide all this and more. We offer a range of affordable remodels that you can customize to suit your style and how you use your shower.

What Kind of Shower Remodel Do You Want?

If there’s just one lesson to draw from our many years of helping homeowners improve their bathrooms, it’s this: People have strikingly different preferences. So, as a customer service leader in Texas, we take the time to completely understand your design and functional goals before we discuss the most suitable remodel options for your needs. Depending on your goals, our trained and experienced team of designers and installers can provide you with:

  • A new shower system with your choice of accessories for a spa-like experience
  • A gorgeous leak-free shower enclosure
  • A shower surround in a beautiful solid color or an elegant stone pattern
  • A walk-in shower for easier and safer access
  • A roll-in shower for household members with limited mobility

The shower products we install are made of durable acrylic that will not dent, warp, or peel, and are infused with an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold and mildew growth. For more information about our shower remodels or our long-lasting, easy-maintenance products, contact Bath Expo today. We offer flexible financing options to qualified homeowners in San Antonio, Texas.