How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom With a New Shower


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How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom With a New Shower

Save Space and Embrace Style with a New Shower Installation

When you ditch the tub and upgrade to a shower, you save plenty of space. The thought of converting to a shower might be stressful, but a bath remodel can be a lot simpler, cheaper, and faster than you think with Bath Expo. Here’s what you need to know before you tackle a shower installation.

Recognize Your Bathroom’s Space

Replacing a clunky tub with a shower is a commitment, so the first thing you need to be sure of is how much space you have to work with. According to Houselogic, building codes typically stipulate a shower floor that’s 30 x 30 inches; the National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests 36 x 36 inches to ensure a little more room.

You’ll also want to be sure that there’s space for a shower door to swing freely, avoiding any wall or toilet that might be in the way. A 30-inch or so buffer should suffice. Unless, of course, you opt for a sliding shower door or a partial glass panel, both great options for cozy bathrooms!

To Curb or Not to Curb

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the design of your new shower, foremost of which is the shower pan, a.k.a. the floor of your shower. Most showers opt for a “curb,” or a small lip to step over that helps keep the water where it’s supposed to be—headed for the drain.

Curb-free showers, on the other hand, allow you to walk (or roll a wheelchair) right in. However, this requires the shower floor to be lowered, or the entire bathroom floor to be heightened, which can be a costly process. Know your budget limitations before you decide!

Pipes Galore

Much less fun than picking your style is making sure all your plumbing is in place. If you’re tearing out a tub rather than starting from scratch, you’ll need to retrofit the plumbing. Pipes must be inspected, the framing and subfloor must be checked for mold and mildew, and the wall must be tiled, covered in glass block, or replaced by a fiberglass kit to ensure it stays watertight and prevents damage to your home.

Make It Simple

All of this may seem like a lot. Trust us, we know. So let Bath Expo eliminate the stress and provide a custom shower installation! Our designers will come to your home, take measurements and photos, and talk with you about your options. Once you’ve settled on a custom shower that maximizes your space and works with your budget, we’ll come back and have the whole project installed in as little as a day or two. And we stand by our products—they’re so durable, they include a lifetime warranty.

Don’t delay your long-awaited bath remodel any longer! Give us a call and speak to one of our bath-to-shower remodel experts, or fill out our easy online form to request a free consultation and transform that cramped bathroom today!

Why Wait for Your New Shower?

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms of your home, but there’s no question that it is one of the most important! So, shouldn’t it be a functional, beautiful, and comfortable space that you actually enjoy spending time in? When it comes to the functionality of the bathroom, showers are an essential feature for many families. From speeding up your morning bathing routine to saving room in a tight bathroom space, showers are an ideal option for a stylish and accessible bath.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are left dealing with outdated, grimy, or broken-down showers that simply aren’t living up to expectations, and planning out a bathroom remodel can be a stressful (and expensive!) process. At Bath Expo of Texas, we know that you don’t have time for having your bathroom out of commission for weeks on end. After all, daily life is hectic enough as is without the mess, hassle, and costs of a bathroom remodel adding to your stress!

That’s why we are proud to offer stunning, fully customizable new shower systemsthroughout the region—at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional remodeling. With our expert services, you’ll be getting a new shower that offers:

  • Lightning-Fast installation: How would you like to have a new shower in just one or two days? That’s what our skilled team can offer with our innovative, quick installation services that minimize demolition and get your bathroom back up and running fast.
  • Exceptional Quality: Just because we offer fast installation doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing on quality! All of our new shower systems are crafted from American-made acrylic.
  • Low-Maintenance Ease: Scrubbing a grimy, old shower is a thankless task, but you can say goodbye to hours spent scouring mildew and soap scum! Unique Silver Shield technology protects your shower from mold and mildew, giving you an easy-to-clean, fresh space.

Quick installation isn’t the only reason that homeowners throughout the area choose Bath Expo of Texas! We also offer an industry-leading selection of custom products and full-service support to give you the new shower systems of your dreams, whether you need a barrier-free, accessible solution or want a one-of-a-kind, spa-like shower. Just give us a call today to learn more, or fill out our online form now, and we can get you started with a free, no-obligation estimate!